Saturday, June 12, 2010

Now in Mykonos, Greece, with mixed results.

Mykanos is a great place in itself, but it is also a great stepping stone to other fabulous Greek islands, but we will also have a not-so-fond memory of it. On the night we arrived, Shirl and I went to dinner and on the way back to our room Shirl tripped over some uneven pavement and broke her leg. The next couple of days was spent horizontal in our hotel room. I finally was able to get her into a wheelchair and down to the town, so she could experience at least some of the island. We sat at one of the beautiful and charming restaurants along the waterfront and sampled their beautiful coffee and Greek salads. Pics of this last day will follow in the next few days. 

These are some of the shots I did of the town after I finally rejected the big Nikons and decided to use the little Canon G9 compact camera. All of these are taken with this terrific point and shoot camera. My shoulders have finally recovered and I don't walk with a lean to the left anymore!


fotografu said...

G9 is a very good camera. I have now a G11... what a marvelous tone and what a quality... You must to try the S90 or the G11... it is another world.
But you make gorgeous pictures with anything... I teach my students with your pictures and your site... Bravo!

The Photophile said...

Just goes to show, as has been said many times before, the camera doesn't matter!

Great photos, beautifully shot.

I will return.

Anonymous said...

All the photos reflect a deep silence and peacefulness. They are like empty souls still full with color.

staticrevolver said...

Lovely images. I bought a G3 in 2002 and I still love it even though I've moved onto DSLRs. I like composing images with the 'live view' fold-out screen; it seems to give me more freedom when positioning the camera than using a viewfinder.

ruma2008 said...

The scene is really beautiful.

Your photography is splendid.

Thank you for showing a wonderful moment...

From the Far East.