Friday, June 25, 2010

The Late Rob Heyman!!

The following portraits are some that I made weeks (months?) ago and have never got around to posting. So since I am left sitting here waiting for a man from Wetpac to deliver our new wireless eftpos machine that we have been waiting for now, for five months (Grrrrr.) I will throw some images up so that you can let me know that you are still out there. Five dollars says the Westpac guy will not arrive today either.

I love using beaches and wide open areas where possible because it keeps the portraits simple and uncluttered. Simplicity can also be found in the most complicated areas. It all depends how the portrait is made and finished. This young family has returned after about five years for their second session so instead of using Mt Tamborine we went to the mud flats of Wynnum. The stark black of their clothing contrasts beautifully with the light tones of the area.

Here we have an extended family that I have now photographed four times over the last six or seven years. On farms, at the beach and this time on their own property. They're more like old friends than customers! Every time there is a change to the family, someone is leaving or someone comes back, new kids, kids growing up too fast. All are reasons to have some more portraits. 

Ina has two dogs that are probably spoilt, but both are totally loveable...... and part of the family.

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