Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is the reason we are not answering our phone

Shirl and I have been in Prague for the last couple of days, after a week in Paris and a week in New York. We have been with a number of Australian photographers taking them to a few interesting places in the word and enjoying every minute of it. If you would like to see these images a little larger, please click on the image. Prague was suggested to us as a possible location for a seminar in the future and we will definitely be doing this after the fabulous time we had there. It has to be one of the most picturesque places in the world. Next year we have a number of photographers from several countries meeting us in Greece for a workshop/seminar to invigorate their imagination and add to their worldly experiences. I will add some images from Greece in my next post, probably tomorrow.

This panorama was from the Charles Bridge in Prague and is made from seven images stitched together. 
The only problem with Prague is that it is almost wall to wall people, but this is one of the least congested shots that I managed to get in the time we were there. There are many more images but I have to go to bed sometime VERY soon.

This is another of Shirl's images of Prague, taken in one of the back streets on the way back to our hotel. By the way, if anyone would like to know a great place to stay in Prague, try the Opera Hotel or contact me for the full address.


Catalin said...

I love your work, you are a gifted man.
The picture above was rather taken in Romania, the signs in it read in romanian. "filatelie" stands for the philately.
Catalin (

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I would love to agree that it is from Romania, but it was taken in Prague around the corner from the Opera Hotel where we stayed. I hope to go to Romania in the next year or so. Does anyone want some portraits taken in Bucharest or it's environs? Let me know and I will make sure we are there.