Friday, June 25, 2010

Singapore Visit.

Shirl and I just got back from Singapore where I photographed four fabulous families whose hospitality is unequalled and their co-operation with the portrait sessions made for some beautiful images. Each family was photographed in a different type of location which made each one unique. The first day was in a city location beside Clark Quay. the second was at an island resort, the third was in the colourful, crowded area around Arab and Haji streets and the last was in a palatial home near the botanical gardens.  The only downside was the stifling heat and humidity. I was warned about it and was partially ready, but it still came as a shock. Moving from the heat of outdoors to the dry air-conditioned rooms of the Swissotel where we stayed, caused me to arrive back in Brisbane with a cold......but it was worth it!

Here they are in no particular order.

I'm really looking forward to going back to Singapore soon to photograph some friends of this lovely group.


Costea Andrea Mihai said...

hello! impressive portofolio!!
your portraits are magnificent!!

Syakir Zainol said...

You should also drop by for some shooting in Malaysia. We would love to have you!

SKIZO said...

In your honour and in the honour of wall the Photographers, I published an ilustration.

Gianluca Gentili said...

Hey Rob, I really like your works.. probably you are one of the best around to got portraits and family shoots !

Mike Chee said...

Rob, Kaitlyn still asks for you, wants to know where "uncle rob" is!! we had a great time, thanks so much!

rachel said...

Fantastic photos!!!:)