Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have just been to Sydney for a few days and photographed some families in the Sutherland Shire.
Wow, you guys have the most spectacular locations for photographing people. I usually spend my first day in a town finding locations and this was no exception, but this time it was so easy, it was (almost) a pity to take the money!

Two little guys of this age are not going to stay still too long so I had to follow what they did wait for my moment. 

Dad was a little apprehensive about letting his baby too close to the water by himself, especially since he was in his clean clothes for the portrait.

Two terrific kids who really enjoyed their session at the beach. I found this location near Cronulla and really loved the textures in the rocks.


Narnia said...

Wonderful portraits, Rob!

Ilce said...

Beautiful kids and wonderful locations for portraits. Realy good composition and angle, beautiful tones and colors.

Agile Images said...

beautiful work, as always

Syakir Zainol said...

this entry photos are absolutely brilliant... always love your work... if u happen to be in Malaysia pls let me know!

aoki 2000 said...

Met a very good work, I hope, we also look forward to so much

SKIZO said...