Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Portraits from last week.

As of tomorrow Shirl and I will be out of the country for a few weeks. Two workshops in New York and Paris, a side trip to check out Prague and a couple of Greek islands in preparation for next years seminars, then off to Singapore for a number of portrait sessions, then home on 22nd June.

We had a very busy week completing portrait sessions before we leave, so here are some of the results.

This is part of a set of portraits for a family who were last photographed by me in 2005, so they were due for an update. Things have really changed in the last five years. The two little scamps I photographed five years ago are now big scamps! The best thing about repeat customers is that they are already "in the zone" and their portraits are often more adventurous. These were taken at low tide on the mud flats at Wynnum and looks like something you would find at the English seaside.

Last Sunday I took a trip to Caloundra to photograph a family whose last portrait was two years ago, but I also photographed the parents' wedding some years ago, so we are old friends. 

Since it was Sunday and Wayne Radford M.Photog. lives on the way, I swung by and picked him up to act as second shooter and to have a drink with later. (I told him I had to throw all his shots away, being under par as they were, but really, they were too darn good to admit to him.) 


Syakir Zainol said...

You will be in Singapore? You should stop by Malaysia for some portrait sessions & even workshops..

Ebony Jayne said...

These shots are gorgeous. I love outdoor portraiture. Each photo tells its own story. These are very inspiring for me in my beginning steps in this style of photography. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!