Monday, November 24, 2008


Last Sunday I had a portrait session to photograph in Caloundra, about an hour away. The appointment time was 5:00pm but because it looked as though it may storm we decided to start early at 4pm. Lucky choice, that! 
This was the day of the biggest and most damaging storm in Brisbane in 35-40 years. The sky gave us a background to die for and these images of the family will be a very real reminder of that day. The decision to go with the green tone and the wind blown look was something the client and I agreed on, because of the nature of the day and the green tinge to the hail filled clouds. 
The look and attitude of their son reminded me of the old sailors from the days of sail, so I have added to the effect with sepia and blur.


Agile Images said...

Beautiful and dramatic as always. Glad to see you back, Rob.

dottied said...

Great stuff!!! Miss you! Say hi to Shirl! Dottie

Agile Images said...

Fantastic as always, Rob. Hope to see you back in Texas soon. Chris.