Saturday, July 26, 2008

In New York city you are likely to see just about anything!
We were right in the middle of it all, staying just two doors from Times Square.

Little Italy, on a day when there was a soccer match between Italy and, I think, Germany?
Some of the pigeons in Times Square. They don't like being chased by a camera!

These are just some of the disreputable people we had the misfortune to meet at our workshops. Actually, they're not too bad, they're just American. :-)
More of the same.
Oh dear!!  I have just been chastised for not including any pics of the Florida group.
Maybe it was just that they were less disreputable than the others and did not qualify for the honour! However, here is one of  "Rob and his girls" (quote from Dotti)

These few shots are "happy snaps" from our recent trip to the US. This is an old house at a place called Cades Cove in Tennessee and was made from seven different exposures, then  converted in HDR to reveal all the detail in the extremely long tonal range of the scene.

We were on a street walk in Dallas, searching for light and interesting subjects. This man happened to be on the same street, so he was fair game! As it happens he is a poet and orator and put on a performance while we photographed him.
Joe, you will do anything to get that shot, won't you?


dottied said...

Hey now! Where's the group shot of the Florida group, Rob & all his "women" lol! Dottie

کوشان جزایری said...

ow i just finished watching your video on master of wedding photography DVD , just loved the atmosphere of your photos just loved it , would kill myself for a comment ....regards

Fotografo said...

I really like this unique style.
Lot of emotion here.