Monday, July 21, 2008

We're baaaack!!

We have just come home from a tour of the Southern States of the USA, giving a series of workshops to photographers. Here are some of the images. Most of them are taken of members of the workshops, plus a few of people we found in the streets of Dallas, Fort Lauderdale and Knoxville. We would approach some people in the street and without exception they all agreed to be photographed by the group. 
The image below was photographed in an old warehouse in Knoxville TN. The group decided to do a street walk and find suitable locations and people to photograph. It was an education for all, and a memorable walk.

Some people are just born Photogenic! In a studio in Dallas TX there was a window with the most beautiful, useable light flooding the room. One of the delegates, George, had that kind of presence that just cried out to be photographed.

Shot in a car park in Dallas.
A mother and daughter in Ft Lauderdale. Photographed in the median strip of the main street.

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dottied said...

Can't wait to see those pics, the seminars were awesome, my head is still spinning. Thanks for everything Rob! Dottie