Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Robe is not famous for Robes.

As part of a portrait session in South Australia, I did a few shots for Paul and Kiri, who own a restaurant called The Wild Mulberry in Robe. No day starts properly without a coffee at the Mulberry! Paul needed a  shot of himself for the paper. Paul is to be the presenter for Simon Bryant from "the Cook and the Chef" show at the Mundulla Show.
I won't tell you of the shenanigans we got up to on the shoot, but we managed to embarrass his mum, Anne.
This is one of the images. I will post more when I have them finished.

OK, Anne, you can be embarrassed again. We were just bummin' around after the family shoot and decided to have a crack at some different looks. I didn't want to post this because I did not want Paul to be the butt of any distasteful jokes. Paul assures me there is a reason for the long apron.

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fotografu said...

What a gorgeous picture... how the space have a soul...