Friday, February 18, 2011

PURCHASE "LOCATION LIGHTING: A Manual for Portrait and Wedding Photographers"

Two years ago I finished my "LOCATION LIGHTING: A manual for portrait and wedding photographers" and it is continually out of stock. It is in the third printing now and if anyone wants a copy please email me and order. It is $95 +p&p.

To use the book I suggest you start at page one and spend a week on each page working to find that same type of light and then putting what you have learned into practice. Then move on to the next page, etc.

I have made it spiral bound (see image) so that it will lie flat when on the seat of your car and can be left open at a page when in your bag.

The follow-up volume will be titled "PHOTOGRAPHING GROUPS" and is the same format as the first book. Not available yet, but I will post when it is. Price will be the same.

I would also strongly suggest that you wish to learn more about lighting, posing and composition you buy a copy of Wayne Radford's eBook, "Portrait tips and Techniques"

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sonia said...

I have both yours and Wayne's book and use them a lot ... can't wait for the next one to come out Rob ...