Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fabulous country light!

This is a lovely family I photographed a week or so ago while I was on one of my country jaunts.  We met at a predetermined spot about an hour before the sun went down. (The last time I used this location was about 40+ years ago and it still looks about the same. Of course the cameras were different and I was using stuff called film in my nice new Asahi Pentax Spotmatic. It was the first one to have a built-in lightmeter! The people I photographed then were my cousins and it was just a family outing. After all, I was just a boy and not even a photographer yet.) 

I started with the two girls in various parts of the derelict building, which had part of the roof and some of the wall missing. These gave me the lovely light through the hair to separate them from the interior gloom. 

The family portrait was made after the sun had set and the afterglow lit the faces beautifully from exactly the right direction. This 50”x 30” family portrait will be the centre-piece of a collection of three canvasses on their lounge room wall.  The other two are 30” high and will stand at each end of the large family portrait. It will look magnificent!!

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