Sunday, July 15, 2012


I have been away for a few days in NSW. I have been on a search for some faces to photograph and found these gentlemen in Gunnedah. They are part of a collection of portraits that I will produce over the next few months.  The sad thing is that most people in the city have no idea what it is like in the country. The only time it seems to be mentioned in the papers or on TV is when there is a flood or a major road accident. Next time you go to the supermarket, think of who grew the bread and the fruit and the ingredients in your beer and your rum.

Tom has a property at Somerton,  just outside Gunnedah where his grandparents (or was that great-grandparents) settled in 1912. Some of the buildings are original and it is these that I used for some of his portraits. 

Tom's crops and cattle would probably make up a percentage of your average hamburger.

Trevor collects tractors. Old ones. They are all stored in sheds and he told me that they all work. His property was a visual goldmine for me, with wooden sheds, iron sheds, old and new machinery, grass and open bare paddocks. He also has a number of old cars in various states of decay that were fascinating to explore. Below is one of them.  

I also photographed him on his wood heap with his dogs. That one is posted on my website if you are interested.  and click on the Blog tab.
I think I'll go back soon and do some more.

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Mette Larsens fotografier said...

hello there ireally really love your portraits, its like your telling a story in each one of them, The lightning is special, you are a true artist :) greets from North Norway