Friday, June 8, 2012

Portrait Workshop in York. WA

Shirl and I went to York, a town about an hour East of Perth, to give a workshop on portraiture and the family who modelled for us were absolutely terrific. We stood in the middle of a paddock full of wheat stubble and waited for perfect light.
As usual it came at sunset. Because it was a teaching workshop I have also included a shot of how this type of situation is handled by an untrained photographer who takes no care with positioning of heads and no notice of the background complications. (Of course none of my students would ever let this happen)

 Their older son was very helpful and cooperative so I was only too happy to photograph him part way up a tree as he requested. The late afternoon light fell perfectly on his face when I turned him toward the light.  In the second shot I used a reflector, which is unusual for me, but it allowed me to shoot in a courtyard without the usual problems associated with "toppy" light.

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