Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vale Richard Pollett

At the end of last year a young man was killed while riding his bike in Kenmore. I have put off writing this for months because I didn't know how to do it.

I first met Richard Pollett when he was about eighteen when he needed some publicity portraits. He was  a very quiet young man who, I thought, hoped to be a famous violinist one day. I did not know that he already was. Those portraits were used to advertise his appearances with various symphony orchestras for the following couple of years.

His mother Patricia, contacted me recently to arrange for another session to be used to publicise his concerts in Europe and Australia. I subsequently spent an afternoon with Richard in Brisbane city and made some portraits for him. Unfortunately these were some of the last.

You can read about Richard and experience his music by following these links.

Richard Pollett | Barber Violin Concerto | 2nd Mvt | 2010 Young Performers Awards

Some of Richard's recent performances can be found here.

You can see that he was well on his way to fame and fortune.

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