Monday, October 17, 2011

Today's Beach Session

Today was a dark and stormy one, with heavy clouds and even heavier precipitation. At the start of the session, after we had made our way carefully over sharp rocks, I found a spot that would suit the portraits admirably. It was then that large lumps of cloud made its way downward and forced a rather rushed family portrait. We then moved around the cliff to a more sheltered spot and  photographed the smaller groups within the family while we waited for the weather to clear a little. 

All of these were photographed within a few yards of each other at the base of a cliff and were all made without the aid of any artificial light or reflectors. If I had asked someone hold a reflector they would have been blown into the surf! 

It is always a pleasure to re-photograph a family because they know that the more effort they put into the portraits, the better job I can do. I guess it's just a confidence thing. With the weather we had today most people would have been on the phone asking to re-schedule but these repeat customers know that I do my best work under difficult conditions. (It always helps to have two beautiful young ladies in the family, too)

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