Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Father and son, a most important memory.

Since I lost my dad recently I have come to realise how important this shot is. I don't have one single shot of me and my dad.
This young man will not have that problem.

These were all taken in France near Strazbourg.

Dad's portrait was made at a beautiful old monastery on top of a sheer cliff .

A very simple, but effective family portrait.


Mette Larsens fotografier said...

hello what a precious moment you have captured here. I loved the first one cause it tells a story and how tight a bond can be between a father and son. made me think.

Scarlett Hernandez said...

I found you through pinterest. your work caught my eye. these photos are beautiful!

Bogdan said...

I lost my father, too. I haven`t pictures of us. This post is beautiful!