Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hats at the cattle sale

Last Saturday I went with the Toowong Rotary Club out to Silverdale to photograph a cattle sale. The Toowong Club joined with the Fassifern Club for a fundraising venture and this gentleman was one of the attendees.  I was struck by the hats surrounding his gaze. 

On the way out to Fassifern I noticed this stand of trees on a hill. One of my friends has said, "I wonder what they're waiting for?"

This shot of a pen of cattle reminded me more of a landscape,


Josh Smith said...

These are great. I feel the "rough" and "ruggedness" of the "cow"boys in the first picture. These are great!

FrancescPhoto said...

Fantastic shots!!! Salut!!

Francesc, Barcelona