Friday, February 11, 2011

Special Ed.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!
It all began when I offered to photograph a young lady who looked after the catering at our exhibition in Robe. We decided that the portrait was to be of her and her man. Then, after another glass of wine Celine told me she had a pet sheep. His name is "Special Ed". They have another  pet sheep too, named "Laconic Lennie", but Ed really is special.

He was trampled as a lamb and suffered damage to his legs and some pretty bad nerve damage. Celine and Jeff decided they would take care of him and spent the next months giving the sheep physiotherapy. He is up and moving now....  a bit wobbly, but moving.

We decided we would make a lead and take Ed down to the beach to do some "family" portraits. There is a long story here, but I don't type fast, so suffice it to say that getting him into the back seat of their car and driving to the beach was an adventure in itself. It is amazing how many comments you can generate by taking a sheep for a walk along a beach. A fair proportion of those at the beach gathered around our celebrity sheep and made him feel even more special.

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