Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yesterday's session on the Gold Coast

I have photographed members of this family for many years and this time it was to update Tina's family portrait. They now live on the Gold Coast so Shirl and I made the trip down for the afternoon. We started at the house and as the clouds came over we moved outdoors to the beach. As usual the weather was on my side and we arrived at the location with absolutely the best light and dramatic clouds imaginable.  The images presented here are just a couple from a very pleasant and successful day.

When I first photographed this young guy he was only two years old. He has grown to be a very confident and well mannered young man.

The family portraits for my repeat customers are always much easier because they have an understanding of what the final portrait should be. The clothing is always the right colour and they are willing to go to great lengths to help me get the shot; even to the extent of walking over sharp volcanic rock in bare feet to reach the required spot. Thanks Tina!!

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